Friday, October 6, 2000

Descendants of Himmelrich and Himmelreich Family (German / Jewish)

Below is my family tree.  I'm on page two (the second image).  It's pretty cool that the records start from Bavaria.  Regretfully, we are split up in our beliefs as far as religion and practice in family matters.  

I was told when I was young that the "Jewish" side of the family no longer communicates with us the non judaic side of the family.  

As I became older and interested in my family of origin I confirmed this through my own experience.  When years ago trying to secure "" I found out it was already an up and running website.  

I reached out via the website to find out it was a relative.  After a few emails back and forth I was asked if I was Jewish.  Once they got my answer, which was I was German/Jewish, but not practicing judaism they dropped all communication.  

At this point I view this as a good thing.  I wasn't the one who made the decisions regarding this matter, yet I'm being shunned.  This type of behavior is unacceptable to me in family matters and frankly the unhealthy behavior continued to mitigate into my own family.

It's a shame how religion and belief systems within a family can be so unproductive, unsupportive and destructive .  Glad that I have my own family that I surrounding myself with - healthy people that provide positive reinforcement.

PS:  I'm highlighted on page 2 of 3 below

Go figure!